City Map Berlin Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper with the Berlin city map

Christmas is approaching – and the need for beautiful wrapping paper is increasing. We have recently launched gift wrapping paper with the Berlin city map. Modern, minimalist and colourful. The large, shiny sheets are ideal for packing pillows, books or sweatshirts.


Berlin Stadtplan Geschenkpapier

The ultimate wrapping paper for Urban Addicts is available in red, blue, petrol, orange and pink. If you don’t want to destroy the colourful sheets while using them as as wrapping paper, you can hang them on the wall and turn them into city map posters.

Berlin Stadtplan Geschenkpapier türkis

Grösse: 84,1 x 59,4 cm 2,90 € pro Bogen

Berlin Stadtplan Geschenkpapier

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