Return of the Drawstring Bag

These days, the drawstring bag replaced the Tote bag as ultimate hipster bag. Walking through Berlin you see them in all variations. Hipster beard boys on fixies in Mitte and tattooed pary girls in Neukölln – all with authentically urban hipster backpacks.

What made this trend explode? Is it connected to the growing health awarenes combined with back problems? Or simple practical aspects – riding a bike, easy and safe closing of the bag?

Reflektierender Beutel von s.wert mit Oberleitungen

Reflecting Bag from s.wert with tramline-print






















Besides the practical advantages the drawstring bag is a fashion statment. The stylish drawstring bags from s.wert carry the message „from Berlin with Love“. Not as text, but as subtle graphic prints, some with reflecting urban illustrations.

Reflektierender Turnbeutel in schwarz von s.wert design