Gift Box: Berlin Desk

Our Berlin Desk Box will delight creative workers and people that care about sustainability! The items are wrapped individually to enhance the joy of unpacking! Included in the package are:

Notebook Upcycling Each one of our handmade notebooks is unique with details from our prints on one side, while the other side remains free for your imagination! Find more info here

Tape From Berlin With Love A paper tape that is both high quality and eco friendly, while getting your message across! Find more info here

TV Tower pencil Berlin´s landmark comes now in the shape of a pencil, with eraser included. Find more info here

Mousepad TV Tower Disco A round mousepad with our TV Tower design in black and white. Find more info here

Greeting card Alex U5 Give your gift the personal note with our handwritten greeting card. Leave your text of choice in the commentary at check out – we will write it on the card for you!


Includes 19% Mwst.
Delivery Time: sofort lieferbar

Delivery Time: sofort lieferbar


  • notebook Berlin Upcycling
  • TV Tower pencil with eraser
  • mousepad TV Tower Disco
  • package tape “From Berlin with Love”
  • greeting card Alex U5

If we are not able to deliver one specific product because it is sold out, we will send an equivalent alternative.

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