Breakfast Board: HKW

The ‘House of World Cultures’ (tr.) is illustrated on this golden-yellow breakfast board. Formerly the Congress Hall, the building is nicknamed the “Pregnant Oyster” and was created as part of INTERBAU 1957 as a contribution from the USA, submitted by Hugh Stubbins.

The board, produced in Germany, is a useful kitchen accessory – used for eating, serving, making sandwiches and so on. When not in use, the board still contributes to creating a bright atmosphere in the kitchen! Breakfast boards are typically German and therefore particularly popular as international gifts or souvenirs from Berlin. The breakfast boards are the perfect size to be sent in an envelope as a letter, and fit in any mailbox.


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Delivery Time: sofort lieferbar


  • Made in Germany
  • 23,3 x 14,3 cm
  • Melamine-Laminate (HPL)
  • Abrasion and acid-resistant
  • Heat-resistant up to 150 degrees




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