Breakfast Board: Mauerpark

Want to eat breakfast over the rising sun in Mauerpark? Enjoy a colourful start to your day with this Mauerpark breakfast board! Additionally, our breakfast boards are the perfect size to be put into an envelope and be dropped into your nearest post box if you are looking for a unique, beautiful and practical gift for a loved one.

Brightening a kitchen, our breakfast boards can be used as a table mat for hot pots and pans, as a dining board or simply as decoration!


Includes 19% Mwst.
Delivery Time: sofort lieferbar

Delivery Time: sofort lieferbar


  • Made in Germany
  • 23,3 x 14,3 cm
  • Melamine-Laminate (HPL)
  • Abrasion and acid-resistant
  • Heat-resistant up to 150 degrees




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