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“The most important thing in art is the frame. ” Frank Zappa once said. I wouldn’t go that far, but since we at s.wert design beautiful Berlin posters, it was high time* to deal with frames.

Berlin Poster im Rahmen

Poster “Kotti” im Alurahmen 50 x 65 cm mit Passepartout, Poster Planetarium im Din A2 Rahmen, “Dont forget to go home” im Din A3 Rahmen

The research for the right framework was extensive and intensive. From the sheer endless possibilities we have put together the best variants and now we have the posters perfectly framed in our shop.

Berlin Poster Prenzlauer Berg gerahmt

Our favourites are the narrow aluminium frames in DinA2 and DinA3. The colourful retro posters are best accentuated in champagne – an elegant metallic frame that oscillates between gold and copper. Fits perfectly in hyygge living rooms, which are furnished in Scandinavian or Boho style.

For motifs with clear lines and black and white prints we recommend the elegant aluminium frames in black. The minimalist motifs are particularly well suited to modern home furnishings with selected designer pieces. If you want the posters to be framed in a modern and restrained way, we recommend aluminium frames in white or silver.

Berlin Poster Kottbusser Tor gerahmt

The luxury version made of white poplar wood frame and diagonal cut passe-partout makes the DinA2 poster look bigger, but also has its price.

All frames we offer are glass frames that can be easily opened and closed with spring holders in case – which we hope is not the case – a change of motif is required.


Berlin Poster: Don't forget to go Home gerahmt

The prices for aluminium frames are 30 Euro for DinA3, 39 Euro for DinA2, a wooden frame with passe-partout costs about 90 Euro.

*In the beginning we used the white wooden frames of the Swedish furniture giant in the size 50 x 70 cm according to the motto “nothing can harm a beautiful picture”. We’re out of that now. Because the frames are cheap with about 16 Euro but the quality did not convince us. On the one hand the frames bend after a while, the Plexiglas pane appears wavy and the passepartouts have to be adapted to the right size with difficulty.


Berlin Poster Plänterwald Spreeepark

Berlin Travelposter Schloss Charlottenburg