breakfast plates - a very special souvenir from Berlin

Berlin Breakfast Boards

Breakfast boards – whet the appetite for Berlin

Breakfast boards are typically German and therefore especially popular as international souvenirs. Again and again customers have asked if there are breakfast boards with the great s.wert motifs. That’s the way it is – we have the perfect Berlin souvenir and architecture souvenir also in board form.

Frühstücksbrettchen Karl Marx Allee Berlin

New are breakfast boards, which make the hearts of cineastes and East Modern lovers beat faster. The east-modern architectural icons Cafe Moscow and Kino International are depicted on the boards.

But also Plattenbau fans and people who are looking for a special Berlin souvenir will find exactly what they are looking for at s.wert.


Berliner Frühstück


The television tower, Brandenburg Gate and Gedächtniskirche complement each other perfectly on this Berlin board, which whets the appetite for the capital.

Berlin Souvenir Frühstücksbrett

#plattenbaufetzt – especially on the breakfast plates Bunte Platte und Platz der Vereinten Nationen.

typisch deutsch Plattenbau Frühstücksbrettchen

The breakfast board with Wohnmaschine motive delights architects and urban explorers.

Geschenk für Architekten Berlin