Berlin Calendar 2020: Blocks

The s.wert Berlin Calendar 2020: Blocks is dedicated to the topic of residential buildings. Rental price brakes, rent caps, gentrification and expropriation – the topic of living in the capital affects everyone and is discussed powerfully, politically and emotionally. We illuminate the topic with thirteen illustrations from the visual and architectural perspective – from Poelzig’s residential buildings of the 1920s to the new buildings at the „Park am Gleisdreieck“.

s.wert Kalender Kreuzbergtower John Heijduk


Corbusierhaus berlin Illustration


Berlin Illustration Rosa Luxemburg Strasse


High Deck Siedlung neukölln


Am Lokdepot robertneuen Grafik


Rummel in der Rummelsburger Bucht


Moderne Architektur Berlin Illustration


Alte Mälzerei Pankow


Baller Bau Lietzenburger Strasse


Grafik Anton Saefkow Platz


Saphire by Libeskind berlin


Hallesches Ufer Poster


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