The 101 Best Gifts from Berlin

Gifts from Berlin for…

Every year we continue on the search for the best gifts for our loved ones. This can be pretty exhausting. For this reason we have put together a selection of the best gifts from Berlin.

All of the gifts included can be found in our s.wert store in Berlin Mitte, and almost all can also be found online.

Berlin Gifts for Connoisseurs

Those with fine taste and a sweet tooth will be delighted to hear about these special gifts from Berlin. And there is something for every budget. The Berlin cookie cutters, the iconic GDR egg cups, or the delicious Kiez-Chocolates with a fairtrade seal are all suitable as small gifts (prices 2,90 € – 5,90€).

For anyone who wants to make people who like to cook happy, recommended are the s.wert tea towels. The high-quality towels with the beautiful designs are produced in Germany. Firstly, the kitchen towels are very decorative, secondly they are useful.

The aprons with Berlin prints from s.wert are also very popular as gifts for chefs. The Berlin cooking aprons are printed by hand in our studio. There are several designs and colors to choose from.


Sustainable Gifts from Berlin

The subject of sustainable giving is particularly important at Christmas. How does it work? The ideal, sustainable Christmas gift comes from fair, local production and is of durable quality. This applies to all of the items we offer.

Our posters are printed on recycled paper and are available in different sizes. If the motif doesn’t go down as well as you thought when choosing the gift – don’t worry. The poster can be exchanged in our shop. In addition to the Berlin posters, there are now also Munich, Frankfurt and Switzerland posters. All poster designs can be found here.

If the Berlin gifts should be plastic-free and environmentally friendly, we recommend the Showertower – a soap in the shape of the Berlin TV tower, the glass drink straws with Berlin engravings or the FROM BERLIN WITH LOVE paper adhesive tape. We also have zero waste products in our range, such as the Upcycling notebooks – handmade in Berlin.


Gifts from Berlin for Night Owls and Party Animals

Berlin nightlife is legendary. That’s why our Best of Berlin Gifts List cannot forget to include gifts for people who are active at night. The handprinted organic shirts come first, followed by stylish reflctive bands.

BERLIN GIFTS FOR NIGHT OWLS: 1. Berlin Shirt 2. Reflective Band 3. Organic Vodka from Berlin 4. Fetish Crochet Doll 5. Neighbourhood Pubs Quartet 6. Coaster Set 7. Techno Poster 8. Minimalistischer Becher

In our shop there is organic vodka and organic gin produced in Berlin in different sizes. The selection of fetish crochet dolls in the store on Brunnenstrasse is also larger than our online range.

The neighborhood pub quartet  is a small gift with a high “fun factor”. In addition, it is informative – pubs from eight districts of Berlin are shown on the deck with addresses and opening times. Speaking of games. We also have:


Berlin Gifts for Kids

We have gifts and Berlin toys for babies, children and cool teens. The colourful Berlin buttons/pins are equally popular with boys and girls. And the handmade crocheted bear makes the little ones’ eyes light up. All Berlin gifts for kids can be found here.

But the grandparents should also get nice presents from Berlin. It feels like these are the people who already have everything. So here are our recommendations for:


Gifts from Berlin for Grandma

The s.wert tea towels, panholders and coasters are useful and beautiful. They decorate the kitchen and dining table. Maybe grandma also enjoys puzzles? Then the Berlin city map puzzle or the Teufelsberg puzzle will be received with joy.

Or something tasty? We have something for this too – delicate butter biscuits in architectural form packaged in a beautiful metal tin.


Gifts from Berlin for Grandpa

Grandpa enjoys treating himself to something good, so we recommend the delicious Berlin chocolate or the organic gin. The salt & pepper shakers with the Berlin radio and television tower are practical and look good at the same time. This also applies to the matches with Berlin motifs. We have designed matches in four different Berlin designs.

BERLIN GIFTS FOR GRANDPA: 1. Fernsehturm Tasse 2. Berlin Districts Chocolate 3. Ostblock Noteblock 4. Kaminhölzer 5. Europe Puzzle 6. Salt & Pepper Shakers 7. Bio Gin 8. Architektur Kartenspiel

Is there anything nicer than putting a smile on your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s face with the perfect gift? Hardly… so here are our tips for:


Gifts from Berlin for the Girlfriend

It doesn’t matter whether she loves beautiful things or prefers to discover the city, we have everything a girlfriend’s heart desires. From cozy signature print hoodies to classy Berlin bracelets and architecture books.

GESCHENKE AUS BERLIN FÜR DIE FREUNDIN: 1. Berlin-Shopper 2. Schmuckdose 3. Notizbuch 4. Berlin Parfum 5. Berlin Armband 6. XL Badetuch 7. Architektu Buch 8. Gerahmtes Poster


In the following we have put together gift tips for boyfriends or partners.


Gifts from Berlin for the Boyfriend

The absolute favorite is the crackling Kiez-Sauna candle, which conjures up the scent of a fireplace atmosphere at home. Sounds romantic… Speaking of fragrances – we also have the “Breathe of Berlin” perfume in the decorative television tower bottle.

Gifts from Berlin for Men:


Conclusion: At s.wert there is a large selection of special Berlin gifts from fair and local production. It is particularly sustainable if the gifts are bought directly from us in the shop at Rosenthaler Platz, then there is less packaging and CO2 caused by transport.