Berlin socks

Socks – a great gift from Berlin

Around this time of year, many are looking for special gift ideas – be it for birthdays, Christmas or one would like to give away a nice souvenir from Berlin.

We’ve got something for you: Cotton socks from Berlin – these are completely new in the s.wert range.

Berlinsocken Brandenburger Tor

Socks as a gift are completely underestimated. Even if probably no one asks for socks for Christmas or birthday and Albert Einstein is said to have said: “Why socks? They only create holes.” are socks great gifts for friends and family – especially when they are beautiful.

The Brandenburg Gate, the Television Tower and the Berlin Bear are featured on our capital city socks. And here’s a gift idea – you can also fill the socks with little things. Be it sweets or small care products such as lip balm or nail polish. Also a voucher is well wrapped in socks.

Our four Berlin sock models:

Colourful socks with Brandenburg Gate, television tower and radio tower: The more colourful and unusual the socks, the better, because colourful socks are currently very trendy. Our cool socks with Brandenburg Gate, TV Tower and Radio Tower are made of 90% cotton and can be worn by women and men. The colorful socks are also available in different sizes, so that they definitely fit and are pleasant to wear.

Grey-black socks with television tower – for the classic gentleman: For all those who like it more restrained in colour we recommend the socks with grey-black Television Tower motive. The Berlin socks are a classic gift for men, they are available in sizes 39-42 and 43-47. Socks are always needed and far too often we are just too lazy to buy new socks ourselves. So therefore everyone is grateful about comfortable cotton socks.

Berlin Bear Socks: Our colorful Berlin Bear socks in red, blue and white are especially stylish. The nice thing about colourful socks is that they can’t get lost in the washing machine.

Plattenbau socks: Our Plattenbau socks are exactly the right thing for fans of Socialist Modernism and Brutalism. The motif is inspired by the GDR housing blocks on Berlin’s Fischerinsel. The nice thing about such a gift is that every time you reach for your socks, you have to think of the person who gave you the socks.

Conclusion: socks as gift

Socks are a really cool and practical gift, especially if they are also comfortable to wear. Our socks are suitable for various occasions, such as for example as a little Santa Claus or a wichtelgeschenk. Especially now that it is getting colder outside, warm socks from Berlin are just the right gift for someone who is close to your heart.