Bauhaus, colour and fashion

Bauhaus and fashion –  the parallels between the German art school (founded in 1919 by the architect Walter Gropiu) are many-faceted. For our summer textile collection we took a closer look at Haus Kandinsky /Klee.

Bauhaus Farben auf Shirt und Rock

Ein Blick in das Treppenhaus des Meisterhauses auf Shirt und Rock


Ein Blick in das Treppenhaus des Meisterhauses auf Shirt und Rock

Ein Blick in das Treppenhaus des Meisterhauses auf Shirt und Rock



Tuch Meisterhaus - Bauhausstadt Dessau

Tuch Meisterhaus – Haus Kandisky /Klee in der Bauhausstadt Dessau

Tuch Meisterhaus - Bauhausstadt Dessau

Tuch Meisterhaus Kandisky / Klee in der Bauhausstadt Dessau

urban curtains and walls

A piece of city for your home. Streetlamps illuminate our streets night by night – yet they lead a shady existence. In everyday life, we are often oblivious to the beauty and varied forms of illusive ”flowers”. The textile designs with ”urban Flowers” are an homage to the hidden beauties of the city.




Oberleitungen Wanddekoration St. Oberholz Apartments

Oberleitungen Wanddekoration St. Oberholz Apartments

Berlin by night Wanddekoration im Marx Club, Cafe Moskau

Berlin by night Wanddekoration im Marx Club, Cafe Moskau


Berlin Silhouette Tape– 66 meters Berlin

„Berlin Silhouette“ Our Berlin Silhouette Tape is featuring the Berlin skyline on a length of 66 metres.

The buildings and places that have been printed on the transparent tape are: Brandenburger Tor, Gedächtniskirche, Potsdamer Platz, Strausberger Platz, Oberbaum Brücke, Berlin TV Tower, Funkturm, Tempodrom. Berlin streetlamps, the berlin subway, a velotaxi and skaters are also part of this very special Berlin souvenir.

This Tape is great for wrapping parcels and can be used for lots of DIY projects – like decorating vases, walls and boxes.


Length: 66 Meter

Width: 5 cm

Made in Germany


Berlin Poster & Art Prints from s.wert

Let’s start the new week with some good news – the s.wert designs are now available as posters. Stylish – urban and narrative.

Berlin Art Prints von s.wert



















“Schilderwald” – this Design Poster is so german. It shows a forest of traffic signs.
The view through our window in Berlin Mitte was the inspiration for that motif. Often we see people there, looking up in the sky – to one of these “traffic sign trees”  trying to understand when parking is permitted.

Berlin Collge City Print



















On this poster “Berlin Collage City” we featured Berlin at its best – a perfect mix of colourful Wilhelminian style facades, modern buildings like Potsdamer Platz and the tv tower.




















Bierpinsel:This  poster is dedicated to the futuristic pop architecture icon ” Bierpinsel ” in Berlin Steglitz. The building was constructed in 1976 by ​​ Ralf Schüler and Ursulina Schüler-Witte  (the couple also built the ICC). 2011 the originally orange facade got a street art painting by  several street artists such as for example Flying Förtress, Sozyone, Honet and Craig ” KR ” Costello.

Kosmos Kino Poster



















Kosmos –This cosmic  poster in soft pastel shades is an hommage to the Kosmos cinema in Berlin’s Karl-Marx-Allee . The theater was inaugurated in 1962 and was the largest cinema of the GDR , it was designed by the architect Josef Kaiser and Herbert Aust

Alexanderplatz U-Bahnhof Poster Print



















 Alexanderplatz This poster is for ” Berlin Connoisseurs ” , their trained eye will discover that this art print features the subway-station Alexanderplatz. As one of the largest crossing station in Berlin the subway station Alexanderplatz occupies a prominent position. The architect was Alfred Grenander.

Return of the Drawstring Bag

These days, the drawstring bag replaced the Tote bag as ultimate hipster bag. Walking through Berlin you see them in all variations. Hipster beard boys on fixies in Mitte and tattooed pary girls in Neukölln – all with authentically urban hipster backpacks.

What made this trend explode? Is it connected to the growing health awarenes combined with back problems? Or simple practical aspects – riding a bike, easy and safe closing of the bag?

Reflektierender Beutel von s.wert mit Oberleitungen

Reflecting Bag from s.wert with tramline-print






















Besides the practical advantages the drawstring bag is a fashion statment. The stylish drawstring bags from s.wert carry the message „from Berlin with Love“. Not as text, but as subtle graphic prints, some with reflecting urban illustrations.

Reflektierender Turnbeutel in schwarz von s.wert design

architecture cushions

“My favourite colour is colourful!” as the Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius once put it. We agree. Modern facades are inspiring, we love them and we “collect” this variety of colours and structures in our textile designs.

Plattenbaukissen: QP Platte, Sonderplatte und Kino Kosmos

GDR prefab building cushions: QP Platte, Sonderplatte und Kino Kosmos


Kissen Corbuisierhaus schwarz-weiß

cushion Corbusierhouse black & white

2004 we launched our first cushion collection “Angry Children”. Cushions with 60s and 70s architecture.
The disappearing landmarks of Berlin’s postwar modern architecture were theme of the pillow collection “Angry Children”. The name “Angry Children” referred to disrespect of the current generation for its architectural forefathers.

Kissenkollektion Zornige Kinder, 2004, Foto: Simone Krack

Angry Children Cushion, 2004, Foto: Simone Krack


Gifts for architects

When you need the right gifts for architects, it can be hard picking out something good. Here is a selection of helpful and unique gifts. You can trust us, because we – the s.wert designers are trained as architects.

Architekturtassen - 12,50 € - ein kleines, feines Geschenk für Architekten

architecture mugs – 12,50 €

Alvar Aalto once said “Nothing old is ever reborn but neither does it totally disappear. And that which has once been born, will always reappear in a new form.” So – we recommend these architecture mugs as gift for architecture lovers. These mugs are an homage to great building from Le Corbusier to the typical GDR prefab buildings.

Weihnachtskrippe ( 28 €) für Puristen von Oliver Fabel

Weihnachtskrippe für Puristen (28€) von Oliver Fabel

Less is more – is often associated with Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (1886-1969). This phrase perfectly describes the purist Christmas crib, designed by Oliver Fabel. The only crib free from clichés and kitsch we know. Available in english and german.

Architekturkissen, Neue Nationalgalerie und Corbusierhaus 49 €

Architekturkissen, Neue Nationalgalerie und Corbusierhaus 49 €

Staying with the great modern architects  – we recommend cushions with architecture inspired textile designs, such as Mies van der Rohe’s New National Gallery, the Bauhaus Dessau or the Corbusierhouse.

Architekturkissen Bauhaus Gebäude Dessau 49 €

Architekturkissen Bauhaus Gebäude Dessau 49 €

Believe it or not – also socks can be the perfect gift for architects. These high-quality, unisex Berlin socks with a knitted Brandenburg Gate are a beautiful way to say hello from Berlin.

Socken für Architekten und Berlin-Fans 10 €

Socks for architects and Berlin Lovers 10 €



Bye bye Kranzler – Hello Westberlin

With our latest cushion collection we put the focus on West-Berlin architecture.

Hochhaus am Zoo Kissen 60 x 60 cm

Hochhaus am Zoo
Kissen 60 x 60 cm

Some icons of the postwar modern architecture around Zoologischer Garten are renovated and re-activated with new content.

Bikinihaus Kissen 60 x 60 cm

Kissen 60 x 60 cm

The first was the cinema Zoo Palast in 2013, followed by  the light and filigree Amerika Haus (built in 1956/57 on the occasion of the International Building Exhibition by the architect Bruno Grimmek). Up until 2006, it served as a cultural meeting place and information centre for US citizens – with cinema, library and exhibitions. 2014 the photo gallery C/O Berlin moved into the building. 2015 the Bikini House opened again. The building is one of the contemporary architectural witnesses of Berlin’s post-war times of the 1950s. The building was designed by architects Paul Schwebes and Hans Schoszberger in 1957.


Mönchwohnheim Kissen 60 x 60 cm

Kissen 60 x 60 cm


Kissen Bilka, Bikinhaus und Zoo Hochhaus